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Maneuvering through our site has just gotten easier! Below you will find all of the CURRENT things we are up to.  All you have to do is click on an image below and you will be taken to the page of our web site which contains information about that show.  Do you want to email us?  Find out about auditions, workshops, staff or future shows?  Simply click an icon on the left.  We hope you enjoy the new format.


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What our patrons are saying about the Broadway Theater...


“When this "little dog and pony show" started 10 years ago, we became subscribers and are here to tell you it's one of the best things we ever did! Not only are the plays the very best, but the exchange program makes it possible to see every one of them, since we never know when a play will be pre-empted by life's little quirks.  Thanks a bunch Doug and Randy” - Bob & Rose Marie Helling



“Thank you, Doug and Randy, for giving us so many years of great entertainment with your talented casts at The Broadway Theater!  I’m looking forward to another great year of shows”.
Very sincerely,  Rzella Norris



Congratulations on “our” 10th anniversary. One of the things I love the most about Broadway Vista is how Randall and Doug really make the audience members feel like part of the Broadway Vista family. At least one of them, sometimes both, is there to welcome the audience as they arrive. The cast comes out to greet the audience after pretty much every show. And of course, the drawing at intermission is so much fun!  I do have a favorite show. I think it was called “Six Dance Lessons.” Anyway, it’s the one where Doug played a gay dance teacher, giving lessons to a widow in her home and they both had prejudices to overcome about each other.

Thank you for choosing Vista as your theatre’s home! - Diane Scholfield



“In the seven or so years I've enjoyed the Broadway, one

play really stands out -- Grace and Glory.  It was a wonderful touching story, and beautifully acted.  Thanks for all you do to bring such pleasure to so many people”.                         Dona McFaddin























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“Randy and Doug, keep up the good work!  It’s appreciated!

Naomi and Bob



I would like to tell everyone about a wonderful place to go.  The Broadway Theater will be one of the best experiences you can have.  You will have a great afternoon and have a smile on your face when you leave there.

M. Harris



Once again, last night, we enjoyed a delightful evening in your enchanting theatre. Your actors were excellent, and upto your high standards. We have attended many, many, many plays in your theatre, and never been disappointed.
 Thank you for your tenacious quest for performance excellence.
 Nancy Boyer & Stan John



A few weeks ago we were packing to fly to London and also getting ready to evacuate the house because of the fires; items were being tossed into suitcases (for the trip) and into laundry baskets (for evacuation) - you will be delighted to hear that I obviously consider the Broadway Theater's season tickets extremely precious as they were thrown into a laundry basket along with the usual treasures (photograph albums, ornaments, jewelry, artwork, etc) for safe keeping!  At the time I did not stop to think that the tickets could be replaced, in the urgency of the situation your tickets fell into the 'save' category. Just thought I'd share how important you, Doug and the Broadway Theater are to us!!  All the best,

Deborah & Joe Harding



I think that I’ve been attending for at least 9 of your 10 years of performances.  Obviously I and my friends really enjoy ourselves.  As the years go by some of our friends are no longer able to attend but then we get new people to add to our group.


This year we all particularly enjoyed “Shaken not Stirred”.  We had a new friend at that play and she  enjoyed it so  much she came back for the next play and now wants to be part of next season with us.


Then we saw, “Rounding Third”.  Those two guys did a fantastic job.  They played to the audience as the “team” and we believed we were the team.  Not only was it enjoyable, but it had two very good messages in it. These two guys were so different but through dealing with their own issues began to understand each other and worked for the good of the kids.  By so doing they actually helped themselves.  What a good life lesson.


We look forward to the new season.  Doug and Randy, You Go Guys and we’ll be there!

Judy Gillease


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